Mens Style – Three Piece Thinking

makes you feel more “boss” than a charcoal, herringbone three-piece suit. The
extra layer of fabric from the waistcoat also keeps you warmer during the winter months, a real bonus for frosty Canberra mornings.
waistcoat is more useful than you might think. It helps streamline your waist to
present a cleaner and leaner look to the silhouette. It also adds a nice
flavour when you take your jacket off when you’re at your desk or on the dance
floor. Next time you get measured up for a suit, I highly recommend adding a
waistcoat to the mix!

pair of shoes is one of my favourites. A pair of dark brown shoes will go with
almost anything. I ordered this as an MTO (Made to Order) from Meermin in Spain
– and they are absolutely phenomenal. The straps and details on the toes are
subtle, but beautiful. I find myself staring at them a lot. They were hand
welted too, which means they are re-soleable for many, many years to come. It’s
incredible the impression a pair of shoes can make. I always keep a pair of
shoes polished and spotless.

Outfit Details:
piece suit: made to measure by Tony Fashion House (Bangkok)
bespoke by
Bawden Bespoke
Square by David Jones
sunglasses by Ray Ban
by Armani
MTO by

Written and styled by Albert Soesastro
Photographed by Happy Schnapper

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