May 2015 through my iPhone

Welcome to my May 2015. A monthly series taken on my phone/digi which capture the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant XoX

1st May – Achievement “Mum hair cut” unlocked!  Thanks so much Leslie from Next Hair for getting my unruly locks under control.

2nd May –  My new favourite jumper by Hanellei… still so in love.

3rd May – The continued act of defiance at the Mirrabei Spillway which offers generous expanses of wall that could be used for art however is banned by TAMS, now just an ugly warzone between taggers and the council.

3rd May – Old friends, new scenario.  How life changes!

4th May – Cats are such assholes… today he has decided that the dog’s bed is his new favourite place, what a bully.

5th May – I have to say my baby may be Zoolander in the making…

6th May – A lovely evening watching Le Noir at the Canberra Theatre

9th May – A young boy’s first taste of female rejection

10th May – My first Mother’s Day… heart melted!

13th May – As part of stress-less week my uni hosted a petting zoo for students to come and cuddle kittens and pat baby farm animals in order to unwind… random yet effective!

15th May – Poor little bub going in for a nip tuck.  7 months old and forced to fast without food and water for over 8 hours.  All went smoothly and the little guy is recovering well.

19th May – Do I have a little something on my face?

25th May – First day of day care… only ended up going to that particular centre for one day as I spotted a rat run across the nursery floor.  So gross!!

25th May – Last time we were all together I’m pretty sure we were rocking out to Craig David while cruising around with P plates.  Catching up with the old college crew.

29th May – Peek-a-boo!!


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