Margaret Zhang’s Instagram Workshop

Margaret Zhang is a big influencer in the international fashion world but in the fashion blogging world she is an absolute rock star.  When I first started taking blogging seriously MZ was always a standard to strive for… her work ethic, her photography, her eloquent writing and of course her photogenically flawless skin.

I was lucky enough to be invited to her Instagram Workshop hosted by the Canberra Centre over the weekend.  Welcomed with champagne, macarons and gift bags, with a seat reserved in the f.r.o.w, Canberra Centre certainly know how to host, bravo!

Margaret Zhang is an inspiration, the newly turned 22 year old has achieved more in her time than many of us could possibly dream.  Undertaking a double degree in Law and Commerce is not a simple undertaking in itself but throw in an international job as a photographer, stylist, creative director for powerhouse brands such as Swarovski, L’Oreal and Louis Vuitton, and having been employed by Harpers Bazaar, The Coveteur and Elle… Did I mention she doesn’t drink coffee??

So here are some great tips I took away from the workshop:

  • Consider your Instagram feed as a whole.  All your posts should contribute to your particular style and convey your brand.  Some ways of doing this include using the same filter, using the same framing for each photo, same style of photography.  An Instagram feed should be as visually pleasing as and individual photo.
MZ says she likes to keep her feed vibrant and “real”.  She keeps posts restricted mostly fashion, travel and food.



The swim wear model and designer has a serious beach babe vibe


This photographer captures beautiful nature landscapes and brings consistency to his feed via framing


  • Don’t try to live post, that is what Twitter is for.  Take your time, post in your down time once you have edited your photos and only post photos that are high quality, not just to prove you were in a particular location.


  • Where possible shoot in natural light.  The best time of day is 3 hours after sunrise.


  • Be yourself – if you are into fashion stick to that, if you are into nutrition then stick to that.  Don’t over do it by posting photos from a wide range of genres (eg: yoga, food, puppies, cars, fashion, makeup, landscapes, architecture)  Being too broad does not target a particular follower and it does not give viewers a sense of the real you.


  • Numbers don’t matter.  Your goal should never be to get a large number of followers but rather target valued followers that are engaged in what you have to show them.


  • Secret to the #zhangflat (The Margaret Zhang signature flat lay) is to place your hero pieces in the corner of your frame then fill in all the white space.  Shoot in natural light and use filters to whiten background.  Use a consistent colour scheme throughout.
A flat lay Margaret created at the workshop using products from the Canberra Centre and the content of her handbag.
Some examples of Margaret’s previous #zhangflats

I got the chance to ask for her thoughts on the future for blogging in the traditional sense when there are so many effective social media platforms for “micro-blogging”, does she think will there be any demand for blog sites in future?  MZ’s thoughts are that social media may become the day to day consumption tool for most blog subscribers but she still sees a future for bloggers to share high quality editiorial photos along with quality written pieces as an accompaniment to daily social media musings.  Perhaps less frequency in blog post however an improvement in content quality.

Margaret was insightful, well-spoken and so down to earth and so eager and forthcoming when it came to sharing her wealth of knowledge, I will certainly take her advice on board and will be making changes to the way I Insta in future.  I walked away feeling so inspired and wanting to flat lay the hell out of anything I could get my hands on, thank you for a fabulous event MZ and the Canberra Centre.

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