Fashfest 2015 – Night 2

Another exciting night of Fashfest! This time, the venue is packed from front to back!
The INVENTOR theme was an awesome line-up!
First up, the Recollection line was comfortably cut, with splash of colours, prints and sophistication. The colours is a strong reminder of the beautiful birds we have in Australia.

The show is then followed by BM Designs Headwear by Barb Mickelson. Her creations were truly forms of wearable art. Absolutely great!


On this second night, Simone Perele presents us with another line of lingerie.

Next up, Hana Apparel Design shows us a line of prints which are very intricate and cross-cultured. I felt vibes of Western and Persian combined. The models were also decorated with partial masks, while the first one wore a cage. Fantastic!


Belle Bird is a label, designed with curvy women in mind. Who doesn’t love curves? These outfits were practical, simple and beautiful. The approach to simplicity can never be faulted. Gorgeous!


The highly anticipated wings of Bronwen Stead flooded the runway with joy! The collection was walked by angelic superheroes! So much power!


The Label, by graduate designer Emma O’Rouke was a another collection of the night which were simple, but functional and very elegant.

Next up, Mimetic presented us with a chic, innovative and professional collection with flavour.


Last but not least, Rockstars and Royalty was instantly a stunner! I heard “oooooooooo’ and “aaaaaaaahhhhhh’ all around me. Everyone’s mouths were opened. These ultra glamorous garments were absolute showstoppers! Long and wide dressed with dye and intricate craft, even a gown made from real roses. Terrifyingly beautiful! My throat was dry and sore, because my mouth was also wide open. What an ender!


– Written and photographed by Albert Soesastro

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