Fashfest 2015 – Night 1

The Convention Centre is a very familiar venue for Canberrans. As you approach the venue, you can feel the vibe from the white walls and blue lights circulating and filling up the place. Very exciting!
Despite the roadworks and closed car park across the street, it was still easy to get a parking spot in the building’s multi-level carpark.

The entrance was filled with ushers, organisers and helpers with big smiles ready to escort you :)). What a nice, warm welcome from the cold weather outside. I was ushered to the Media section of the runway – which is very wide and very long. Sitting on the posing end of this is a photographer’s heaven! Getting more excited!

I put my things down, set my gear up and started to mingle outside. There is a red carpet setup at the from the venue, where there are photographers ready to take pics of all the glorious people coming through. There is also another red carpet setup on the other side of the venue – for anyone to take photos.

The opening act was a grabbing performance of singing and finger style percussion guitar by Jack Billman. His hands moved like a ballerina on the guitar. Amazing.

The runway started with creations by Ziyah, which were futuristic types of swimwear. They were geometric in prints and shape, composed of mostly black and white, with a hint of pastel green. A great start!


The excitement was then followed by Little Jane Lane, which was cheerful, girly and quietly intricate. Very sweet! Couldn’t help but smile :))

Next up, creations by Luke Chiswell were instantly attention grabbing; models were dressed in ultra raw clothing, and attention also focused on the flower arrangements on the models’ lower part of the face. You could only see the models’ eyes. Very bold!

Vibrant and sexy, Solar Bare presented their line which was an ensemble of colour combinations found on reptiles, birds and marine fish. Beautiful!

That Bird Label stormed the stage right after. Colourful prints, sunglasses and headbands combined into a set that was fresh, comfortable and timeless. Bravo!

When The Prodigal Daughter was up next, I knew it was about to get real. Exotic prints, mind blowing contrasts and beautifully pit together. Just fantastic!

Simone Perele’s line was a good set to strip down from colours to soothing, calm and sexy lingerie. Nice!

Next on the line was The Professor’s Daughter. Powerful dresses, prints and glamorously sophisticated, these were a definite highlight of the night. So good!

Perpetually Five + Clare, wiggle wiggle on stage like you just don’t care! This set definitely ended the night with a set so bold! And those masks were wicked. The designers were dragged on stage on some sort of decorated trolley after the line. They just know how to please a crowd!


-Written and photographed by Albert Soesastro

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