February 2015 through my iPhone

Welcome to my February 2015. A monthly series taken on my phone/digi which capture the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant XoX
1st February – Hanging out at the Fashfest castings

3rd February – Back in training calls for emergency massage and sauna session at Foot and Thai!
8th February – Low carb potatoes??  Shut up and take my money!!
10th February – This little nudie rudie turned 4 months today!
11th February – Nearly 2 weeks back at training means I completely deserve a motivational present!
14th February – Can’t go to the Multicultural Festival without getting at least one of these!
16th February – If I lay here quietly and don’t move maybe he won’t realise I’m awake… The things mums do…
17th February – Decisions decisions.  Argubly the most photographed scene in Canberra – Ricardo’s cake window.
18th February – Thank you for your helpful signs University of Canberra!  I’m glad I’ve been doing it right!
19th February – He loves my cooking!  Haha.  I’d probably make this face too if you tried to feed me puréed zucchini
22nd February – Another year another Colour Run!  A super fun birthday present from J!  We somehow managed to run the whole way with me nursing a new baby and J nursing a hangover 😛

23rd February – As Chinese as my cooking gets… Fried rice and gyoza
24th February – Almost strong enough to use his Bumbo
25th February – Hitting the books again… start of semester 1 at UC.  My last semester and I’m done!!
27th February – Found some tea I brought back from Turkey, mainly for the novelty factor!  FYI it tasted like soap 🙁
28th February – It’s a collection not an addiction! 
28th February – Enlighten Night Noodle Market… Or as I like to call it “In Line” Night Noodle Market.  Lovely vibe and lovely food… lots of “Hangry” Canberrans with up to 1 hours queues.

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