January 2015 through my iPhone

Welcome to my January 2015. A monthly series taken on my phone/digi which capture the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant XoX
3rd January – It was a big bun kinda day, my hairstyle of choice lately.

3rd January – My first taste of sashimi in over 12 months… It was heavenly.
5th January – Saki aka The Nap Interrupter
6th January – Finally got cleaned up for a midweek dinner with a girlfriend – FREEDOM!
7th January – “Hello girls”  Bet you’ve never seen a sleazy baby before!
17th January – Baby Schnapper turns 100 days (apparently a big deal in Chinese culture).  He looks chuffed because he is clutching a baggy full of cash from his grandparents.  That’s gonna buy him a lot of candy one day.
17th January – Soaking in the afternoon sun with dad
18th January – Turns out we have a little selfie addict on our hands.  I wonder who he takes after 😛
19th January – Post pregnancy hair loss – it’s a thing!  I’m going to be bald soon!!
22nd January – Reunited with one of my besties who’s visiting from the US
23rd January – If you have never tried a pomelo then you’re not living
24th January – He loves a good book.  How cute are these two?
24th January – Hubby’s roast pork belly was DELICIOUS, despite the fact that it had nipples!
26th January – Happy Australia Day!!
28th January – Mum taking bubs for a scenic walk in the ghetto
28th January – Dinner at Blackfire and I’m guessing ribs are on the menu
29th January – I had been staying at my parents house for a few weeks and when I went home to feed the cats this is all I could find.  Goodbye cruel world?
30th January – The resurrection of Adult Dinners, a regular trash talk, binge eating celebration with some great company at Bentspoke Brewery.
31st January – Operation Goodbye Baby Belly commenced in style with an early morning hike up Mt Ainslie.  FYI – I had to get a massage a few days later, ouch!
31st January – Bella and Loui

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