Fashion – Anyone for tennis

Today’s outfit is inspired by the recent Australian Open.  Now the only tennis that I can play is the table variety however this does not stop me from appreciating some of the incredible outfits making it onto the court.  Gone are the days of crisp whites and stuffy polo shirts, tennis fashion is serious business with the likes of Serena Williams blazing the stage in neons, lycra, and even leopard print.  You go girl!

While I wouldn’t suggest undertaking serious physical activities in todays outfit, it is ideal for a comfortable yet fashion forward walk or shopping expedition.  I’ve been meaning to give a shout out to these Roshe Run sneakers which I purchased at the start of my pregnancy.  These bad boys cushioned my heavily pregnant body and are without a doubt my MOST comfortable shoes.  I wore them almost every single day for nine months, including to the office (who’s gonna argue with a pregnant woman?).  They quite simply saved my life…  They were looking quite worn so I threw them in the washing machine and now have a new lease on life.
Outfit Details:
Quilted sweat vest mini dress by Motel – sold out
Visor by 2XU – available here
Roshe Run sneakers by Nike – similar here


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