December 2014 through my iPhone

Welcome to my December 2014. A monthly
series taken on my phone/digi which capture the details of my life that are
small yet by no means insignificant XoX
4th December – Mummy lunch date with my cousin!

6th December – “You’re not a halfie, you’re double” ~ Wise words from Uncle Seiji
7th December – Christmas shopping with the family.  Bobblehead hypnotised by Christmas decorations!
12th December – Loui swallowed an entire pork knuckle and was booked in to see the vet for an enema.  I would be hiding too, can you see him?
12th December – Caught him!  Now an anxious wait for the vet, poor little guy.
13th December – New rose gold bling… you can’t go Christmas shopping and not score a little something for yourself.
14th December – Beau… every morning he sits by the bedroom door waiting patiently to be let in so he can sleep under the doona.
14th December – Afternoon walks with the family.  Since baby came along I have never walked so much in my life!  What ever puts him to sleep!
15th December – My cousin went cherry picking.  Here are the spoils, the most amazing cherries I’ve had this season!
16th December – The perks of having a friend that is a florist!  Thank you Gormans!
17th December – Hey Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind!
20th December – Nice melons Costco.  You may be a bit understocked!
20th December – A much more refrained birthday celebration for the Christmas baby this year.  Happy Birthday K and cheers to no monster hangovers this time around!
23rd December – Ready for Santa!
24th December – Christmas Eve baking.  A some for you and some for me 🙂
25th December – Thank you Santa!!  He must of found these at the Tony Bianco sale – similar here
25th December – I’m not the only one who scored on Christmas Day!  Thanks cousin Lulu!
25th December – Merry Christmas little friend
26th December – Christmas with my parents who are in grandchild heaven!!
27th December – Karaoke practice!  Life has involved a crash course in brushing up on nursery rhymes lately!
27th December – Responsible Parenting 101- Lesson 1… wine
30th December – These two “baby whisperers” always crack me up
31st December – Happy New Year everyone, love the Schnappers!
Thank you everyone for all your support this year which can only be described as totally life changing!  You have all provided so much support throughout my pregnancy and continue to teach me new things as I adapt to parenthood.  It still always surprises me that my mundane monthly photo posts are one of my most popular and you motivate me to continue sharing snippets of my life with you all.
It’s at this time of year I reflect on my New Years resolutions I set myself the previous year and assess how I did.  Well this year has thrown me a bit of a curve ball and I proudly stand here today and say I achieved almost none of my resolutions, ha!  They were:
  1. Camping trip in Laos – I fell pregnant in February so this never eventuated
  2. Do the splits – I was well on my way however after getting pregnant, hard core stretching was not recommended due to increased levels of relaxin in the body which make you more susceptible to injury.  I’m just proud that I managed to keep exercising until the start of the 3rd trimester
  3. Improve my home décor – I framed and hung most of the art I had laying around the house and also decorated the nursery.  I give myself a pass for this though there is definitely a lot more that can be done.
  4. Try crossfit – After seriously injuring my back at the start of last year and spending $$$ on physio I think I will be avoiding crossfit!
  5. Date night – This should have been one of the easiest resolutions to keep but unfortunately we only committed to a quarter of the date nights we should have 🙁  This will be a standing resolution to keep in 2015
There will be no resolutions from me this year as I am just struggling to get out of my pyjamas everyday but I will strive to continue the outfit posts when I have the time and energy.  Thank you all for sticking with me this year and lets have another fashionable year ahead!  Xox

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