Tight Ass Tuesday – Baby mobile

Happy Tight Ass Tuesday!  Our new “baby mobile” arrived just in time for the weekend and we spent a lovely Sunday cruising around town enjoying the first preview of what Summer has to offer.  Absolutely loving the new ride.

I’ve gotten rather enormous these last few weeks so today’s outfit features some specialty maternity wear I’ve been forced to purchase from Asos teamed with some heels of the low and sensible variety.  I (hopefully) won’t be wearing maternity clothes much longer so I’ve deliberately purchased items which can be worn post belly bump.
Outfit details:
Maternity cami in spot print by ASOS – $20.91 available here
Maternity denim shorts in distressed finish by ASOS – $26.62 available here
Faux suede navy courts by Kmart – $20
Outfit total = $67.53
Photos courtesy of dailyfauxpas

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