Life – My surprise birthday present

Just a very quick post today to explain my online absence.  Last Friday was my 31st birthday which also unexpectedly became the birthday of our new little bub!  Little Baby Schnapper arrived 3 weeks early, weighing in at 3.36kgs and measuring 50cm in length.

The first few weeks of motherhood has been one of the toughest I could imagine, I totally underestimated what it would take to care for a newborn and I have a new found respect for all parents out there.

For someone who doesn’t particularly like kids it’s amazing how quickly you fall in love with your own child and the intense feelings of protectiveness and connection that develop almost immediately.  For now there won’t be a whole lot of posts from me as I am drowning in a never ending cycle of sleep deprivation, nappies and feeding however once I get the hang of this I’ll be back with a vengeance!

Thanks for all your words of support throughout my pregnancy!

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