Tight Ass Tueday – My lovely lady lumps

There are two ways to approach maternity dressing.

1. Camouflage – To wear billowy pieces in an attempt to look less pregnant
2. Flaunt it – To wear pieces that hug all your newly formed curves to accentuate your pregnancy.

I am a big fan of the second option.  Just think, what other time can you wear a super tight dress and not have to worry about sucking in your belly?  Also, being obviously pregnant has it’s perks, people are nice to you, get out of your way and help you with things!  I also find that by attempting to hide the bump sometimes just makes me look chubby rather than than pregnant.  Today I’m wearing a super stretchy body con dress by River Island.  While it is not a specialty maternity piece it’s certainly the most comfortable thing I own at the moment and with any luck I can continue to wear it post-pregnancy once I get back into shape.

Outfit Details:
Check print column dress by River Island – $29.41, available here
Federal slides by Asos – $20.91, available here
Perforated bucket bag by Temt – $19.95
Outfit Total – $70.27

Photos courtesy of dailyfauxpas

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