Nails – Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Pink Cadillaquer

I LOVE a gel/shellac polish…. As a small indulgence I used to get fortnightly shellac mani’s and then took it to the next level and bought my own DIY gel polish kit for home, it was brilliant.  That is, until hubby saw on A Current Affair that the UV lamps used for curing shellac polish may cause skin cancer, much like a solarium.  They recommended that it is only safe to get a shellac mani 4 times over a calendar year… much less than the amount of times I had indulged in this year!  My husband treats every A Current Affair report as pure and unadulterated truth so I have been banned from using a curing lamp for the rest of the calendar year!  Trust me, I am having withdrawals!

Sally Hansen has recently released a new product called Miracle Gel.  It is a value for money two pack (available at Priceline for under $20) containing a colour and a top coat and it’s biggest claim that it is a gel nail polish that does not require a curing lamp.  Simply 2 coats of colour and 1 of top coat and it dries in the same way as regular polish and lasts up to 14 days… I HAD to try it!!

Big claims Sally, big BIG claims….
Compared to regular gel polishes, these ones come in a decent sized bottle (14.7 ml, around the same size as an OPI bottle).  The brushes are thick and flat edged offering good control but I found it lack accuracy.  The thing I really didn’t like was the formula of the polish.  It was extremely thick and tacky and did not spread evenly or smoothly and I got a lot of dust and fluff trapped during drying due to the sticky nature.  I also had to apply 3 coats of polish rather than the suggested 2 as the brush marks kept streaking the colour and I had to lay down a thick 3rd layer just to hide the streaky brush strokes by just letting it spread.

The top coat must be applied gently holding the brush parallel as the bristles are so stiff you may streak the colour underneath.  There was some colour transfer onto the brush of my top coat.  I found that it really did lack the high shine finish you’d find in a regular shellac however it did seem to help with smoothing out the colour polish layer.  I let the polish dry and proceeded to wait an additional hour just to be safe.  An hour after application I scratched my back only to find that colour peeled off the end of my nails and fluff from my jumper got caught in the semi dried polish.  This was REALLY annoying and should not happen an hour post-application!  The photo below is of the polish the morning after application.  You can see where the polish has peeled and chipped, very disappointing when Sally Hansen claims that it will last up to 14 days.  You can also see how dull the shine is which is my favourite aspects of a shellac.


I was planning on keeping the polish on for the following week to test it’s durability however removed it 3 days later due to cracking and minor chipping.  It just looked dirty and cheap.

Verdict:  The formula was way too tacky and brush too stiff to work with and the results were far from any shellac polish I’ve ever used.  A disappointing result for one very big claim.  While I was a big fan of the feminine bubble-gum colour I would suggest that this polish is not any different from regular cheap polish and nothing like gel at all…  5/10.

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