Mens Style – Gangsters Paradise

Some days, I plan my outfit the night before. In the morning of this drizzling day, this pin-stripe suit somehow stood out. I don’t usually choose to wear pin-stripes anywhere near as much as solid-colours and checks. Generally, pin-stripes are associated with words like formal, business, power or boss, etc. I could not say no to the suit. I was convinced that wearing the suit will make me feel good that day – and it did! while getting ready that morning, I was listening to songs by Michael Jackson. For some reason, he inspired me to wear the light grey socks to go with the rest of the outfit. A bit of MJ in the gangsta look. Gosh, that sounds cheesy…

Outfit Details:
Jacket and trousers by Studio Italia
Made to measure shirt by Bawden Bespoke
Tie by Emporio Armani
Pocket square by MJ Bale
Socks by Bresciani
Loafers by Allen Edmonds
Fedora by Altea Milano


 Photos by Happy Schnapper

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