Fashion – Re-trenchment


I must apologise for the lack of frequency in my posts lately however as I’m going into my 31st week of pregnancy just changing out of my pyjamas these days is tiring.  Not only that it’s getting harder and harder to find anything in my wardrobe that fits!  Today I dug out an old tunic tee and just started layering it up with some of my existing wardrobe pieces.  I’ve kept my wardrobe purchases to a minimum during pregnancy which means I not only have the challenge of finding items that fit but also coming up with new ways of wearing older pieces.  I’ve all but put my Tight Ass Tuesday posts on hold, it’s just too hard!!
Most of the time I wear a trench as an outwear piece that is not really part of my outfit but rather something that is taken off at the first opportunity.  Today I’m wearing it in a much more integrated way and loving it.

Outfit Details:
Studded tunic tee from Tressle
Chambray shirt by Dotti
Trench by Valleygirl
Ponti tights by Zara
“Awesome” booties by Wittner
Heart ring and earrings by Lovisa
Watch by DKNY
“Gayla” satchel bag by Pink Corporation

Photos courtesy of Albert

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