Tight Ass Tuesday – Trackpants and quilting

Resident blogger Men Style Manifest does not own trackpants (or Ugg boots for that matter!) because apparently they are a blight on fashion and he refuses to wear them, even in the privacy of his own home.  I just find this mind boggling!!  Brand new fleecy trackpants are in my top 10 list of things that bring me immense joy.  They are up there with puppy breath, head massages, sriracha and towels fresh off the column heater.  Fleecy lining, drawstring waistband, you can even sleep in them.

I’m out to prove that trackpants are not only suitable for slobbing about the home, they can also be ultra edgy in a athletica inspired ensemble like this one.  I’ve teamed with some monochrome basics for a minimalist look though some rocking shoes are a must to take those trackies from frumpy to funky!

Outfit Details:
Leather cap by Cotton On – on sale for $5
Quilted tee by Target – on sale for $12, available here
Knee Detail Trackpants by Cotton On – $29.95, similar here
Overcoat gifted
Prowlo heels (Valentino inspired) by Lipstick – on sale for $38
Sunnies from Thailand – $8
Outfit Total = $92.95

Photos by aaaaalbert

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