Life – Expansion of waistlines and other such things

For my detail focused readers you may have noticed the slow expansion of my waistline…  This is because I’ve been gorging myself on comforting winter foods such as potato, pasta and meat pies.  Oh yeah, and I’m 6 months pregnant… surprise!  Dailyfauxpas and I have done our best to keep the regular outfit photos rolling but we have come to a point that I look decidedly pregnant from all angles! 

Those who know me know I’m pretty child neutral, I’ve never found kids particularly appealing though the idea of a big, bustling family unit has always been a wonderful mystery, especially coming from a small, single child family.  Admittedly I feel far from ready to take the plunge into parenthood however after some pondering I have pretty much concluded that for people like me there will never be a defining moment where we will feel ready.

For me it’s a matter of my physical health.  While I’m only 30 I want to be able to have a healthy baby while still being fit and healthy myself with minimal complications.  If physicality were not a factor I’d probably be much more mentally ready in my forties or fifties but fully understand the risks associated with that notion.  Either way we’ve bitten the bullet and every step from conceiving to diet to exercise to sleeping positions has been a huge learning process which will not be stopping anytime soon.

The biggest question from my readers has been what will happen to Happy Schnapper?  Now don’t worry, I have no intention of turning this into a maternity or parenting blog because frankly I know not a whole lot about either topic!  I’ve even kept my maternity wear purchases to a minimum as they will only get a few months wear and I think I can make it full term in tights and my existing wardrobe.  Though there may be somewhat of a hiatus once the baby arrives I fully intend to keep the outfits coming and who knows, perhaps even some micro fashion too 🙂 

Best thing about being pregnant:

  • Not needing to suck in your tummy in a tight dress
  • People offer to carry things for you
  • You lose less hair in the shower!
  • Special care and attention from friends and family

Worst things about being pregnant:

  • Painting your toenails
  • Getting breathless when doing minor things like putting on pants or rolling over in bed
  • Reduced bladder capacity.  I feel like I’ve become familiar with every public toilet in Canberra
  • Fashion choices being limited…

As I slowly come to terms with the fact that I’m going to have to teach life lessons to a mini man (it’s a boy!) I’m also slowly becoming more excited by the fact that we are creating a little life.  It’s a confusing and wondrous time and I look forward to sharing (but not over sharing) my first tentative steps into motherhood and mayhem!

– Love Happy Schnapper

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