Fashion – The cropped vest

My favourite thing about weekend wanderings with dailyfauxpas in search of blog locations is stumbling across stunning little scenes like the one we “found” in the gardens behind Old Parliament House.  By no means is this a secret location but we sometimes forget to look for the beauty in our own backyards.  I’ll certainly be coming back here for a picnic lunch in the future!

I think that other fashion bloggers will agree that when taking content photos you sometimes end up looking completely and utterly overdressed for your surroundings and while others in the park were playing tennis, strolling around in their casual Sunday polo shirts and comfy jeans I was taking in the gardens in faux leather pants and snake skin boots and trying my best to ignore disapproving looks from soccer mums!  I think I’ve perfected the “Sunglasses on, look straight ahead and pretend you are someone famous” look to combat these scenarios.  To be fair this outfit is actually pretty versatile, though I’ve dressed it up with heels and a statement necklace in these photos I removed the necklace and changed into my favourite Roshe runs to do my grocery shopping shortly after this!

Outfit Details:
Basic oversized tee by Sportsgirl, available here
Preppy Crop Top by Sportsgirl, available here
Statement jewelled necklace by Colette
Faux leather pants by Supre, old
Ashtyn heels in black venom by Tony Bianco, available here

*  Tip:  A lot of girls with shorter legs avoid ankle boots as it makes their legs appear even shorter by cutting them off.  I find that by pairing a slim fit pant of the same colour of the shoe creates an optical illusion of long legs as it creates one long line for the eye to follow.

photos courtesy of dailyfauxpas

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