Fashion – Adults wear suits

My office is pretty casual and on most days I forget to change out of my gym trainers and no one bats an eye lid.  Of late I have been getting more and more casual around the office as the only thing that fits around my growing belly happens to be my gym tights so that’s what I’ve been sticking with for the last few months.  I finally bit the bullet and decided that one of my very few maternity wear purchases would have to be a pair of work pants.  Best idea ever!  For the first time in months I felt like a real adult! 

For those not familiar with maternity pants you essentially have two options – Over the bump and under the bump.  The first is worn ultra high and sits on top of your belly and the second is worn ultra low and sits under your belly with the assistance of some cleverly placed elastic inserts.  I prefer the second option as I think they are more flattering, I feel less geeky and I can continue to wear the items post child birth.
I picked a boot cut shape so that I could wear them over leg warmers.  Yes you heard me!  I really, REALLY feel the cold so hiding some leg warmers under my pant legs is a secret weapon of mine.  I also feel that they sit really nicely with most of my winter shoes which are mostly closed toe pointed pumps.  I’ve paired the pants with a cross over relaxed fit blouse and to my surprise I barely even look knocked up!  I’m so glad I bought these pants when I did as the first day I wore them to work I had to have an impromptu photograph taken with my boss’s, boss’s boss!  So glad I was not wearing my usual pregnancy tights and sneakers!!  Oh yeah, I fell like I’m back in the game.
Outfit Details:
Maternity trousers by Asos, available here
Cross-over blouse by Temt
Blazer by Zara
‘Bo’ studded booties by Zoe Wittner
Lucid worker bag by Mimco, available here

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