Tight Ass Tuesday – Cross hatch blazer

Sometimes all you need to revive a well-worn office staple such as the black pencil dress is a little colour or an interesting print.  I’ve owned this Portman’s pencil dress since I first started working in an office job, it is 8 years old and is just such a classic piece that I will probably continue wearing it until the day it eventually disintegrates!!  Such is the importance of investing in high quality, well-fitting staples but I digress…

Despite the amount of love I have for this classic dress, let’s face it, it’s is boring.  A black pencil dress may as well be considered the uniform of a bored office worker.  It lacks personality, any point of interest or individuality and must always be jazzed up.  Today I’ve jazzed mine with a slim cut blazer in a cross-hatch print from Forcast, thus transforming the humble black dress into an eye catching outfit, no bored office worker here!

A quick tip on buying a blazer, sometimes I will deliberately buy one size smaller in a blazer if I do not intend to wear it buttoned.  As long as the blazer fits well across the shoulder and in the arms I find a smaller fit = a smaller waist line and when worn open it gives the impression of a smaller, more tapered waistline.

Outfit Details:
“Esther” cross-hatch print blazer by Forcast – on sale for $41.40
Portmans black pencil dress – 8 years old, price unknown
Valentino inspired “Prowlo” heels by Lipstik – $38.00
Outfit Total = $79.40

Photo courtesy of dailyfauxpas

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