Fashion – Trends that I’ve politely declined…

Just because it’s on trend does not mean you have to embrace it!  For many reasons I let certain fashion trends pass me by with nothing more than a polite nod, this can be for any reason from not suiting me, to wearability to simply thinking it’s damn ridiculous!  The following are a list of recent trends which I will not bite!

Birkenstocks – originally the preferred footwear of the engineering department at my university (usually paired with green Explorer socks), I am at a loss at how these became such an “high fashion” staple.  Come on, they even make Miranda Kerr’s legs look terrible!  This trend has me wondering if Crocs will be the next big thing in the fashion world…


Flower crowns – a stunningly whimsical centrepiece for photo-shoots, weddings and little girls birthday parties but in all other real life scenarios I’m really not 100% sold on the flower crown.  They just look a little awkward to me, especially for those of us in our 30’s!  Thoughts?

Onesies – I’ve had a massive rant about this in the past (full rant here!) but onsies really are made for infants.  Adults wearing these with the excuse “but they are warm and adorable” are just making the people around them feel extremely awkward!

Bangs/Fringe – Fabulous on some, terrible on others.  Unfortunately I fall into the later group and I think the following celebs should also avoid cutting their hair like that ever again.

Stacked foam platforms – I just personally find these terrifying!

High-waisted jeans – Now I have nothing against high-waisted cuts.  I find them flattering easy, to wear and act as a corset of sorts to cinch in the waist.  This particular items gets a mention as a plea from my male friends out there.  According to them high waisted pants look terrible and even when they look OK, hip hugging jeans will ALWAYS look better.  An interesting insight…

Round sunglasses – These are so immensely cool that I just don’t have enough swag to pull them off!

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