Fashion – The new coat for 2014

Each year I buy a new winter coat.  This year it’s this one by Zara.  Duffle in style, cocoon in fit and cosy by requirement!

Gone are the days where I used to buy coats based on fashion, the older I get the more I feel the cold and the less I care about coat style and the more about how snug I can stay throughout a cold Canberra winter.  For those not familiar with a Canberra winter, a Burberry trench does not cut it when the mornings hover around 0 degrees and you are using your Costco card to scrape enough ice off the windscreen so you can see out and drive to work, only to pull over 100 meters later because your peephole has frozen over again.

This coat is amazing as it has a woollen outer and a Sherpa style inner, not just in the body but all through the arms, in the hood and in the extra deep pockets!!  The cocoon style also allows enough room to allow even more layers however the coat on it’s own is so warm that just a single long-sleeved layer is enough to keep me smiling!  This particular morning I took it out for a test drive at the Farmers Markets and it passed with flying colours!

Outfit Details:
Duffle coat by Zara
Knit jumper by Wish
Super low super skinny jeans by H&M
Chuck Taylors by Converse

photos courtesy of dailyfauxpas

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