Fashfest 2014 – Corr Blimey

MSM wears Corr Blimey hand painted classic tee

Corr Blimey makes style look effortless with its simple designs and accessories. They will definitely be a brand to be reckoned with at this year’s Fashfest.

Why Corr Blimey you ask? Well, it’s a euphemism derived from ‘God Blind Me’, a less blasphemous way of describing an exclamation of surprise, the direction in which they want to take their brand.

Louisa de Smet and Steven Wright founded Corr Blimey 2001, while both having enrolled in Canberra’s Institute of Technology (CIT) school of fashion in 1999. They shared an interest in designing garments that expressed their unique fashion taste. They wanted to create a brand that said ‘I can see everything and be taken away’. Their style is not about doing what is expected; it’s about redefining expectations and creating an individual’s personal style.

MSM wears Double Stuff Rodeo jeans and Billyboy coat by Corr Blimey

In 2002 they had their first, and the CIT’s inaugural graduation fashion parade at Old Parliament House. With no sponsorships, they were left to fund raise for the show themselves however the event has now become the star of the CIT fashion calendar.

Steve has taken on the role as a brand manager for Corr Blimey while Louisa has taken on the lead design role and even physically sewing the garments herself, sourcing fabrics predominantly from Australia. They are stringent on sourcing the right materials for their designs and at this stage don’t want to outsource production.

MSM wears Corr Blimey hand painted classic tee and Double Stuff Rodeo shorts

They are both heavily involved in CIT where they both teach fashion design. It’s Steve’s 10th year as a teacher and Louisa’s 5th. They seek to give their students strong foundations for design and teach student not to mimic ideas and concepts but to create their own.

‘From a designers perspective, I’m proud of Canberra designers and how far they’ve come. Fashfest has brought fashion to Canberra on an entirely different level’ Steve said.  2012 was the kick-start for their commitment and drive to enter Fashfest. Their newest and biggest collection, which will make its debut and showcased at this year Fashfest is ‘absolutely amazing’. Titled Berlin, it has an unusual texture and feel. It’s concept is derived from their trip to the city to attend the Sustainable Fashion Contest where they were mesmerized by the cities architecture and Louisa’s favourite building the Berliner Dom. With designs named ‘Drop it like it’s hot’ and ‘The long walk’ you can be sure they will have the audience in awe.

MSM wears Billynaire pants by Corr Blimey

-Written by MSM

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