Tight Ass Tuesday – Sequinned Jersey


Sometimes I’m not sure why I buy the things that I buy… for example this sequinned basketball jersey that I’m not entirely sure where I’ll ever wear.  But hell, I love a good bball jersey and what girl can resist sequins?  One thing is for sure is that you’ll certainly not see me shooting any hoops in this attire!

In the spirit of jersey’s I’ve gone two sizes up for a relaxed fit and as to not overwhelm my silhouette I’ve kept it slim fit and simple on the bottom with a pair of tights.

Note:  Tights are not pants however I believe it can be appropriate if your butt and crotch are covered!

Outfit Details:
Sequinned jersey by Valleygirl – on sale for $14.95
Ruched tights by Bettina Liano – thrifted for $5
Rush heels by Bardot – on sale for $50
Outfit total = $69.95

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