Tight Ass Tuesday – Scuba Flared Dress


I generally don’t wear flared skirts as I live in fear of walking over an air vent and having a Marilyn Monroe moment, only in my nightmares I’m always wearing ugly underwear.  I also find this style is generally too short on my frame.  This dress I found in Target of all places and I love the slightly longer body and skirt length and I receive compliments to no end whenever I wear it.  I also love the neoprene look that emerged as part of the recent Sport Luxe trend and while this dress is certainly not neoprene it does have a very similar moulded, structured look that works perfectly with the flare in the skirt.

The best thing about this dress?  It was on sale for $36.75, happy Tight Ass Tuesday!

Outfit details:
Scuba Flare Dress by Hot Options c/o Target – on sale for $36.75
Platform sandals by London Rebel c/o FSW – $39.95
Outfit Total = $76.70

Photos courtesy of dailyfauxpas

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