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I’d like to introduce my second resident menswear blogger Men Style Manifest (MSM) who I’ve known for some time and have always admired his unwavering commitment to dressing sharp and dressing with pride.  Specialising in street and casual wear (something a lot of Canberra men struggle with), MSM has launched his own fashion blog Men Style Manifest, head of over and show him some love!

Describe your personal style:
First impressions last! You never know when you’re going to get noticed.  In the words that Julius Caesar wrote to the roman senate, I like my personal style to say ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ (Veni, Vidi, Vici)

Who are your celebrity style inspirations?
Who can go past two of the men that reinvented metro sexuality? David Beckham and Justin Timberlake. They’re both comfortable with their masculinity and can wear everything and anything and wear it well. From suits to hoodies, to leather and even beanies. These men aren’t afraid of mixing it up. Always staying on top of trends. Knowing their basics and adopting a willingness to wear items out of context.

What is your ‘go to’ outfit?
My go to outfit is my Industrie zip high-top shoes, G Star jeans (they make everyone’s ass look good) and a printed Death By Zero tee accessorised with a Diesel watch. Simple yet not out of place.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
My Oxygen branded ripped/torn jeans is my favourite item in my wardrobe. Dress it up or dress it down it’s the most versatile item I have hanging in my wardrobe.

What has been your best bargain find?
My Diesel Black Gold series jacket I picked up on a recent trip to New York.  It was hidden amongst so many other items of apparel tossed in a box preparing to be shipped to the never land of post-season fashion. The ticketed price tag was RRP $700 USD, but only paid $49!

What has been your biggest wardrobe investment?
My biggest wardrobe investment is my wardrobe! I’m not talking of my collection of apparel from shirts or jackets or pants or jeans etc. I mean literally my wardrobe!  I converted a bedroom into a walk in wardrobe filled with racks and shelves floor to ceiling!

Do you have any guilty fashion addictions?
I am a sucker for watches! Not just any timepiece but a statement piece. Not overly aggressive in colour but definitely size. After all, they say that size does matter! One simple in design that tells the time accurately and says ‘I am here’.  Sometimes I see it as an accessory to what I wear and other times I make it my base to which I work around.

It is a privilege to have been asked by Happy Schnapper to contribute to her blog. The same day that she contacted me to ask if I was interested to contribute was the same day I was going to contact her to ask if there was an interest for men’s fashion out there (scouts honour).
There is a Japanese proverb, translated: “There is no such thing as coincidence in this world. The only thing is Hitsuzen. Hitsuzen: A naturally foreordained event. A state in which all other outcomes are impossible.” Call it what you may but it became apparent that we were onto something. This is when Men Style Manifest was created.
Fuck Fifth Avenue by Boywolf is a way of expressing ‘You don’t need to be a high roller and spend a fortune on fashions to dress well.’
The Urban inspired outfit, I wear Boywolf’s black round neck cotton t-shirt with the slogan ‘Fuck Fifth Avenue’, G-Star cargo jeans with braces, or as some would call, suspenders. Now they can be functional but in this case I opted for their aesthetic appeal giving more of a tough look, which I think, go quite well with the Aldo leather cuff, Diesel watch and Diesel Only the Brave dog tag necklace. The shoes are denim ¾ tops by Zu and since I was having a bad hair day went for Mossimo’s Gatsby hat. The gold frame aviators from Sunglass hut are by Ray Ban and are a must have to stop squinting from the suns rays.
Outfit Details:
Gatsby hat by Mossimo
Sunglasses by Rayban c/o Sunglass Hut
Necklace by Diesel
Cuff by Aldo
Watch by Diesel
T-Shirt by Boywolf c/o Black Book Tees
Pants by G-Star
Shoes by Zu
Want more of MSM? Links below 🙂
Photos by Happy Schnapper

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