Fashion – Leather and Fur

Leather and fur… the skins of animals which we’ve ripped off and sewn into clothing, bags, shoes, gloves, hats.  Rather macabre if you think about it.  What I have never understood is the one sided boycott of fur products.  Like many of you, I have watched the sickening video of animals being skinned alive in fur factories in China however I can’t help but ask the question, is it “cool” to hate fur and not leather?  Did you know that in many countries there is no regulation on the leather industry, with much of our leather being source from countries such as India where cows are beaten, tortured, starved and mistreated prior to skinning?

I have a hunch that many anti-fur wearers are NOT hating fur based on a true understanding of the terrible fur farming practises, but rather base their argument on the statement “fur belongs on animals, not humans”.  A fair statement but what really has me raising my eyebrow is that these same people sit upon their animal rights high horse clutching their buttery soft calf leather bags and wearing suede booties…  For me, this contradiction is too much.  Like vegetarians who eat fish, I just don’t get it.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a complete love affair with leather but I don’t preach at people who wear fur.  All I ask is that consumers of any animal product take more care and do a bit of investigation into how their products are sourced and produced.

Animal Liberation Front has some shocking information on the practises of Indian leather, the world’s largest leather producer.

Anyway that’s a rather sombre way to begin this outfit post which is a combination of faux and real animal products… For me, I love faux fur more than the real thing as it’s much more durable and you can get some really amazing creative designs and colours.  I don’t believe faux leather is anything near as luxurious as the real thing (this is maybe where the double standards begin) however I will happily wear them all the same.  We will see more of these two fabrics creep into our wardrobes as Autumn starts to take hold.

Outfit Details:
Basic T-shirt by Dotti
Ginza lace up heels by Verali
Faux leather bag with rabbit hair trim by Chancabanda c/o Ozsale

 Photos courtesy of missmoppetflash

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