Shoes – Biancos brightened my day

I had a bad day at work, it was craptastic.
I literally left my last meeting all flustered and frustrated and marched myself out the door with one purpose… Stress relief!  The gym briefly crossed my mind, as did eating something sugary but I know one never fail solution that always brightens my day – new shoes!
As you can see from the photo above how bad my day truly was as it required a jaw dropping 6 pairs to set me straight but if you could see me now I have a smile on my face and a spring in my well heeled step!

Tony Bianco currently has a stampede inducing sale of $60 for all sale shoes.  I attempted to purchase several pairs online on the first day of the sale but hoards of like-minded cyber gals were causing the site to crash… I tried for over an hour to complete my purchase to no avail.  Today I visited Tony Bianco at the Canberra Outlet Centre and had the entire store to myself, EVERYTHING in store was under $60, or 3 pairs for $150!  Thanks to fellow Canberra fashion blogger The Wardrobe Files for the tip off!

Now to inspect my haul… 🙂

Aubrey in Black Kid Suede – RRP $169 – $50, available here
Calibra in Tan Monaco – RRP $169 – $50, available here in red
Leisa in Scarlett Kid Suede – RRP $149.95 – $50, available here in shiraz
Gambino in Black Turin – RRP $199.95 – $50, available here in white
Alesci in Bleu Kid Suede – RRP $169.95 – $50, available here in aqua
Kittie in Sand Lizard Nubuck – RRP $169.95 – $50, sold out online, still available in store (Canberra Outlet Centre)!

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