January 2014 through my iPhone

Welcome to my January 2014.  A monthly series taken on my phone which
capture the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant

1st Jan – Celebrating the new year with a few drinks on the beach and the holiday binge eating is definately showing!

2nd Jan – First day back at the gym and it’s a leg day, queue the cowboy walk!
3rd Jan – What do you do when the washing machine destroys a bra?  Make your cat a helmet of course!
4th Jan – Saturday night and enjoying a quiet drink in the ‘burbs with some of my faves
5th Jan – Location scouting for the blog and found this amazing sculture on the ANU campus
6th Jan – Making tabouli from home grown ingrediants
8th Jan – Hangin’ with my fellow crazy dog ladies
10th Jan – A touch of silver goes a long way…
12th Jan – Trolley land!


18th Jan – Lunch @ Autolyse
19th Jan – 40 degrees and I’ve got one hot dog!
23rd Jan – Staying true to my New Years resolution and NOT hoarding!  Cleaning out my wardrobe and shipping some of my clothing to loving new homes.
24th Jan – Cat owners will relate… trying to sleep in on my day off.
25th Jan – North Durras… absolute perfection.


25th Jan – The best part of camping is setting stuff alight and toasting marshmallows!


26th Jan – My gym is better than your gym!
26th Jan – Our dinner guest… or dinner >:)


 31st Jan – Happy Chinese New Year!  May the year of the horse be filled with fortune and good health.

31st Jan – A hard earned drink after a long short week

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