City News Cover – Look good for less

Celebrating 2 achievements today:
1) This is my 300th post! 
2)  I am flattered to be on the cover of this weeks Canberra City News!!

When I started my blogging journey I dabbled in a bit of photography and lifestyle with no clear idea or ambition for my posts to go anywhere but to a close circle of friends.  Just over 2 years on I’ve learnt so much about the world of blogging and have found immense satisfaction from something as simple as sharing my shopping and wardrobe tips.  A big thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way – from the strangers who come and say hi in the street, the friends that give me support and encouragement, the local creatives who have helped me create images and share ideas, my ever patient husband/photographer and all the readers who follow me on my blogging adventures. 

When I was first contacted to by Laura from City News I completely under-estimated the story.  I thought this story would get a tiny column in the back pages.  I met Laura on a work day in between meetings (I think that’s how I was titled “frantic”!).  Though I was instructed to look nice as they would be taking some photographs I somehow just assumed it would be a small digital camera, imagine my surprise when Laura turned up with photographer Gary complete with double umbrella lights!!  I was pretty gobsmacked at the suggestion I might be on the cover!  I am lapping up my fifteen minutes of fame and have grabbed enough copies to send all my relatives!

You can read the full article written by Fashion Editor Laura Edwards here.
Photo courtesy of Gary Schafer for Canberra City News

Outfit Details:
Cropped shrug by Cameo the Label – $30 c/o eBay
Basic singlet by Supre – $12
Barbara peplum skirt by Forcast – $23.40 available here
New Look two-tone pumps – $50

A tad excited!

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