Tight Ass Tuesday – Pretty pink palazzos


Happy Tight Ass Tuesday!  Do you guys have any weekend traditions?  For hubby and I, ours is Sunday brunch.  With more and more cute, over-priced hipster cafe’s popping up around town we almost get to try a new one every week.  I use brunch as a way to coerce my other half into taking my blog photos.  No brunch no blog…  This means that I am always impeccably (or ridiculously) dressed on Sundays and that photos are generally taken in the vicinity of wherever we have just eaten, in today’s case it was Penny University.  A bit overpriced (especially if you get a seat made out of a milk crate!), average service but good wholesome food. 

Outfit Details
Burgundy Demi Sunnies by Portmans – $24.95
Scarf by Forever 21 – $15
Cropped singlet by Supre – $8
Jaylynn wide trousers by Forcast – on sale for $23.40 available here
Heeled sandals by Kmart – $15
Bag by Forever New – gift
Outfit Total = $86.35
Palazzo pants are so perfect for weekends.  They are big and billowy to keep you comfy and cool but at the same time they have a certain European elegance about them too.  The secret to finding a flattering pair is the same as all trousers, it’s all in the tailoring should hug your hips and bum before falling to the floor.  I also like a high waisted cut as I find this easier to wear and much more flattering on my figure.


Photos courtesy of dailyfauxpas

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