Fashion – Triangl Swimwear and Australia Day

Australia Day is by far one of my favourite holidays… It’s chilled out, full of smiling faces celebrating everything that makes this country truly magnificent.  I like to celebrate by becoming a big ass bogan for the weekend and go down to the coast for a camping trip that involves eskies full of beer, my favourite flannelette shirt, Triple J’s hottest 100, burning stuff on a campfire and over using the words “streuth” and “sheila”.
My regular Aussie Day haunt is North Durras located on the south coast of New South Wales.  These photos have pretty much no editing… it does not get much closer to paradise than this…


Outfit Details:
Coco Moonbeams neoprene bikini by Triangl Swimwear, available here
Hat by Kmart

Triangl Swimwear has become a huge cult success through social media platforms such as Instagram, especially here in Australia where bikini’s are pretty much our summer uniform.  At $86 + $10 postage the bikini is certainly not cheap however they are extremely well make, even heavy duty if that is the right way to describe a bikini.  The bottoms are neoprene (wetsuit material) and the great thing about these are that they don’t go see through in water, huzzah!  The fabric is very stiff and have very little give and the website advises buyers to go one size up which is exactly what I did and am very glad for it.  My only complaint would be the top which is completely unadjustable and unpadded meaning I would not attempt to run, jump, surf or dive in this bikini as they would most certainly fall off!  They do however have a range of tie up bikini’s which would not have this same problem.


Photos of dailyfauxpas

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