Fashion – Embellishments and star gazing

I stumbled across this interesting sculpture on the ANU campus the other day while scouting for shoot locations for the blog… Super shiny, perfectly round with little puncture holes all over it… more importantly, I was excited because it matched the shoes I was wearing. 

I’m still not sure what motivated me to look into one of these little perforations (the thought of a funnel web spider biting me on the eyeball is still very real!) but I found the real magic of this sculpture was inside… scroll down to see what I saw.

The inside of the sculpture contained another spherical sculpture.  The sunbeams that shone through the puncture holes of the outer sphere bounced around all the reflective surfaces within, so beautiful!  Further Google research reveal that the polished four-metre diameter stainless steel sphere by artist Wolfgang Buttress , entitled UNA, features 9,000 laser and hand-cut perforations which represent the stars visible to the naked eye in the Southern Hemisphere, sized according to their luminosity.

Outfit details:
Beaded Neck Slub Tee by Witchery
Kris Cross Beige Belt by Witchery
Boyfriend jeans by Zara
Puffinburger satchel by Aldo
Steel tipped pumps by Zara
Sunnies by Rayban
Assorted accessories by Tiffany and Co, Hermes, Lovisa, The Rocks markets

Photos courtesy of dailyfauxpas

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