2014 New Years Resolutions

So last year completely wiped me out and but I’m still determined to set myself life targets without adding extra stress to my already high blood-pressure inducing life!
If you’ve seen any of my past resolutions you will know that I don’t believe in setting vague goals like “get fit” or ‘be more organised”. 
Project Management 101, set tangible and measurable goals that add value!

1.  Travel – Camping trip in Laos
My friends know me for always having an upcoming trip up my sleeve however when I was asked last week where my next trip was to be I was shocked to find myself in the rare position of having nothing planned.  So the goal is to go somewhere, I’m not exactly sure where but I think this winter I’d like to travel to Laos again and perhaps do some hiking and camping.  I feel a need to escape reality but still not go too far…  Too be continued…

2.  Do the splits!
I set this challenge for myself in the later half of last year but due to a combination of injury and laziness never got to achieve this.  I’ve recently started Bikram Yoga so hopefully that will be a kick start to flexier version of myself in 2014!

3.  Home Décor
In the later half of last year my housemate moved out leaving hubby and I with a house to ourselves for possibly the first time since we met!    Now that we are officially self sufficient adults I thought I’d start furnishing our house in a more sophisticated fashion.  New dining table, throw cushions, vases, framed art, the whole shebang!

Photo source – Olioboard

4.  Try Crossfit
I know I’ll regret this one.  I want to get fit, not look fit but BE fit (big difference).  Be able to survive in a zombie apocalypse type of fit.  Currently my cardio is pretty good as is my flexibility but I really lack strength, especially in my upper body, maybe crossfit will be the workout to finally grow me some guns?  Either that or I’ll become a massive CF douche…

5.  Date Night
Hubby and I have a regular date night in our calendar however we haven’t been honouring it!  With the pressure of uni and work it’s important to set aside some time to leave all the stress behind and just watch a B grade horror movie, eat something sickeningly delicious or simply go for a walk!

And there you have it!  Five very modest resolutions!  2014 already promises to be punishing with a gruelling work schedule as well as the second year of my post grad degree.  My main objectives this year will be to keep calm, look after myself and look after those close to me.  I will not try to stretch myself too thin and learn to focus my attention on what truly matters!  Let’s do this Schnappers!  What are you goals for the year?

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