Tight Ass Tuesday – Scooped hem skirt

I had a terrible weekend thinking I had only scored a pass mark on one of my university units and pretty much spent 3 days solid sulking about it.  I went through all the emotions; disbelief, panic, self doubt, rage, self loathing… I gave myself a handful of pimples and a pot belly with the amount of sugar I consumed in an attempt to numb the pain.  I confided in my mum who patted me on the shoulder and said, “Why are you so worried?  P’s = Degrees”.  Good old mum and her pearls of wisdom.  The point was I had worked pretty hard, spent days in a stinky computer lab and many a late night avoiding creepy uni guys that liked to wait by my car in the dark. The thought of merely scraping through with a Pass was unacceptable!

I managed to get an appointment with my Lecturer to review my exam paper only to find that though he may be a Professor, he failed at basic mathematical addition and instead of receiving 45% on my exam I in fact scored 83%… not sure how you fuck it up that bad.  I felt like grabbing him by the collar and pointing to my pot belly and yelling “See what you have caused?!”  In the end I was upgraded from a Pass to a Distinction and all is right in the world again.

Anyway, my shitty weekend has me in a CBF’ed mood… With the year winding down I can see the finish line and that’s all I can think about, I can’t even bring myself to brush my hair or wear shoes into the office… you can here me flopping around the floor in my Havianas.  So, without further ado, here is my CBF’ed Tight Ass Tuesday, where comfort and breeziness is priority.

A basic cami and thongs are perfect for an Australian summer and so easy to throw on when you are feeling lazy.  I’ve teamed it with the fabulous skirt by White Closet which brings a point of interest to this casual outfit as well as accentuating leg length.

Outfit Details
Heather Hi-Lo cami by Forever 21 – $20
Scooped hem stripe skirt by White Closet c/o Ozsale – $18.00
Slim metal logo Havianas – $39.95 available here
Outfit Total = $77.95

Photo courtesy of dailyfauxpas

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