Tight Ass Tuesday – Festivities in suburbia

As much as I love the idea of a New York style white Christmas, nothing beats the reality of an Aussie Christmas.  We are so spoilt with fresh fruits, fat prawns, sunny beach days and warm nights.  Think of our fellow Americans, they can’t possibly have more fun than Aussies during the silly season as they are all holed up try to keep Winter out! 

My good friend in Cleveland Ohio texted me this pic of his view on Christmas Day – “So pretty!” I exclaimed, “Pretty damn cold, I aint going out there” was his response.  I then proceeded to text him a photo of a large bowls of prawns and an ice cold beer.  All I got was an angry face emoticon.

This series of photos are taken in my backyard.  I quite like seeing my neighbours Hills Hoist in the background, such a permanent fixture of any Aussie kids childhood memories!

Outfit Details:
Singlet by Kmart – $12
Shorts by Supre – $25, similar here
Sandals bu Kmart – $12
Outfit total = $49

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