November 2013 through my iPhone

Welcome to my November 2013.  A monthly series taken on my phone which
capture the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant
1st Nov – I will be appearing in some promotional posters for Tongue and Groove!  Here’s the obligatory selfie you have to take behind the scenes of every photoshoot!

2nd Nov – Cat bearding, getting on board with Beau
3rd Nov – Running training with the dog… and I thought I was a bad runner.  Lou needs a medic stat!
6th Nov – Saki road testing my new Michael Kors Jet Set bag
7th Nov – Finally perfected the art of poached eggs, thank you YouTube, you are good for something other than insomnia and procrastination.
8th Nov – Submitting a 60 page assignment, felt good!
9th Nov – Night out with the lasses to celebrate no more assignments this year! 
10th Nov – Backing up the previous night with Lulu’s baptism.  A round of orange juice please.  #floatingheads
14th Nov – Lunch time bucket o’ beers x 6… whoops.
15th Nov – My besties birthday @ Chairman and Yip
16th Nov – Super practical, night time seizure inducing shades @ Electric Run.  Full blog post here.
18th Nov – Is it possible to fall in love with a mannequin?  Wink wink to the fellow in the Hugo Boss window.
22nd Nov – Friday evening and I’m stuck in the uni computer labs.  If these cables weren’t secured I’d probably try to strangle myself…  Also, why do computer labs always smell like feet, cheese and wet towels rolled into one??
23rd Nov – Overly matchy!  Full blog post here.
 26th Nov – Took an international student mate to the pub, apparently his first time!  He was so excited he needed a photo of my beer.
29th Nov – This is how quiet beers with my work husband usually ends.  This is Coolio and this is his party trick – Video here

30th Nov – Lunch date at Autolyse, Braddon.  Smoked trout and rocket salad – delish!



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