Mens Style – Checker him out

This is my man date #1 – Coolio.  I had 2 man dates to the ball I recently attended (details on my outfit here) because I get a bit greedy at times and two men to hold your bag when you go to the loo are better than one, thanks guys.

Coolio opted for a classic 3 piece black suit and bowtie for the ball however did not want to blend into the background.  He has paired his suit with a checked shirt for a modern edge as well as teaming it with a non-classical diamond cut bowtie.
Lets talk vests… they are my kryptonite and I’ve been told I get “pervert” eyes around men in vests.  To this allegation I won’t deny.  Vests are the male corset.  They slim the waist and compliment a mans shape while oozing class and refinement.  With the jacket on the ensemble conveys power, business and structure, when the jacket is removed the look conveys off-duty fun and cheekiness.  Men shouldn’t be afraid to wear the vest without the jacket.
Bring the vest into everyday work attire I say!

Coolio wears: 
2 piece suit by Saba
Vest by Roger David 
Checked shirt by Espirit
Diamond bowtie from Ebay, available here
Shoes by Zu

Photos courtesy of DailyFauxPas

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