Fashion – Working the Harem


Guys at work often say how unfair it is that women can get away with wearing anything they want to work while they are stuck in the old collared shirt.  It’s certainly true.  While women have a vast array of options from singlets to heels and skirts, men are forever limited to the shirt tie combo… how devastating!
I decided to push these boundaries even further and wear harem pants to work.  Harem pants (aka MC Hammer pants) in general are not everyone’s cup of tea and certainly not considered office wear.  I got this particular pair from Zara in Turkey.  They are silk and tailored unlike most harems which are either linen or jersey with a elastic waist.  By pairing them with more traditional office shirt or blouse they become acceptable office attire though admittedly still on the verge of pushing the boundaries too far…  What do you think?

One thing I am certain of, I was SO comfortable all day!!

Outfit Details:
Tailored harem pants by Zara
Blouse by Forgotten Princess
Belt by Sheike
Shoes by Zu
Photos courtesy of DailyFauxPas

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