Fashion – White Christmas

One of my besties is a Christmas baby.  Poor thing, I can’t imagine how it must feel not having your own special day and not being able to celebrate with all your friends.  We came up with the idea of hitting the town on Christmas Eve and doing a countdown of sorts to midnight and her birthday!  Great idea right?  Wrong!!  Although I had a fabulous night dancing my little butt off I awoke the next morning suffering the worst hangover I’ve had all year.  I officially ruined Christmas!  I shuffled about like a zombie and was hardly able to eat a thing (very unlike me!).  One small win, I managed not to loose my lunch in front of the in-laws!  It’s safe to say that I will not be touching champagne in the year 2014.  Happy Birthday Kay, I hope you had a birthday to remember!!

Outfit Details:
Aruba Twist Top by Bardot
Linen pants by David Lawrence
Rush Heels by Bardot

Happy Birthday Kay!!
Kay wears dress by Sheike

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