2013, a year in review

With the sun setting on 2013 it’s always a time to get a little reflective and look back on what kind of year you’ve just had.  Like most people, I like to set myself resolutions at the start of each year and revisit them at the end of the year to see how well I did at achieving my goals.  I posted my 2013 resolutions here and looking back on them I initially felt a bit disappointed at failing at most of them.  But taking a step back I took a look at what ELSE I achieved this year and the big one was going back to uni. 

I always knew it would be difficult but the first year almost killed me.  During my years as an undergrad I lived by the philosophy “P’s = Degrees” and that was pretty much the standard I aimed for.  As a mature age student you only go back to uni because of a desire to learn so it was important for me to do my best, if only 20 year old me could see me now!  I pretty much busted my butt the whole year and got some pretty high scores but it has really taken it’s toll on me.  Working 40 hour weeks and studying an extra 10 – 20 on top of that does not leave much time to recharge let alone allow for time with loved ones or pursuing other interests.  I’m left feeling really worn down, a little depressed, daunted by the thought I have to get through years more of the same…  I deliberately have not made any plans over the Christmas/New Years break and am looking forward to spending my NYE’s reading a book or curled up with hubby.  I am about to go into some serious hermit mode!!

So in terms of resolutions, which ones did I manage to achieve?

1.  Plan and book a South American holiday!
Pass!!  Ok, I didn’t book for South America however this was strategic as I booked AND travelled to Jordan, Egypt and Turkey this year instead as we were able to cash in some frequent flyer points to Dubai.  I count this as a pass!

2.  Become a better cook
Fail!!  I started out the year with flying colours cooking up new things like duck maryland’s and even spatchcock.  Unfortunately I underestimated the required commitment to study and all thoughts of cooking went out the window and poor hubby has been doing most of the cooking this year…

 3.  Organise my spare room/wardrobe overflow catchment
Pass!  With my housemate moving out in September I gained an extra room in the house, or as I like to think of it, a new walk-in robe.  I made a dash to Ikea a few days ago for some more shoe storage in the form of the billy bookcase and now I have a beautifully organised “dressing room” as well as a tidy spare bedroom for guests. 

4.  Eat something I grew myself!
Pass but only thanks to my hubby!  He goes through these short term hobbies (fads) where he becomes completely obsessed with “things” for short bursts of time.  Previously it has been rifle shooting, beer brewing, knife making, measuring energy consumption, baking, renaming my music collection…  Currently it is tending to the vegie patch and we have a luscious crop of cherry tomatoes, zucchini, parsley, capsicum, basil, chilli, purple carrots, celery.  I’m so impressed with his efforts and I can safetly say that this is his only useful obsession, our garden has never looked so good!

5.  Read 10 books
Almost!  I read 4 IT text books (yes I’m counting it!), 3 books from the 50 Shades of Grey series (who hasn’t?), and one from the Game of Thrones series.  I would have liked to read so much more but didn’t have time for leisure reading.

6.  Print, frame and hang some of my photographs
Fail!  I’ve continued taking photos and collecting art but framing is an expensive pain in the ass.

7.  Take on 3 small DIY/craft projects
Fail, no time what so ever!!

What I have managed to stay on top of is this blog and I have manage to achieve some small goals such as branding my business, taking higher quality photos (Thanks dailyfauxpas!) and print some business cards.  I’m still really enjoying putting together outfits for you guys and your words of encouragement and support do really keep me going!  Thanks so much Schnappers, I hope you have all been enjoying some much needed down time and hope you continue to join me next year on my fashion diary!

Love you all!
Happy Schnapper

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