Tight Ass Tuesday – OCD on the coordinates


So I may be a little OCD when it comes to matching my outfit to my shoes and my gym wear is no exception.  I got these amazing new sneakers last weekend so naturally I had to find an outfit to match them exactly!!  Too much?  I think so!

I have cheated ever so slightly on the “Tight Ass Tuesday” theme by not including the shoes in my outfit total.  This is because it’s near impossible to find running shoes under $100 and I wouldn’t recommend cheaping out on shoes as you’d probably pay your physio 5 times as much trying to put you back in alignment.  *nods to my physio.

So something that is often not spoken about by bloggers is who takes all their outfit photos?  In my case it’s my husband.  I drag him along to “locations” I’ve spotted around town and bark orders at him like “don’t forget to adjust the depth of field” or making him lie on the ground to photograph my shoes.  When he’s not available I use a tripod and remote to photograph myself from various corners of my house.
Today was the first time I tried to take photos of myself in public using the tripod as I was short of time and thought I could squeeze it in between gym and study.  Lets just say it was a massive failure, as you can see all my photos are out of focus!  Not only that but it’s incredibly embarrassing trying to casually photograph yourself with people walking past shaking their head at your vanity.  “I’m writing a fashion blog assholes” is what I didn’t yell as I pretended to play with my phone until they’d gone…  I’m NEVER doing this again and a huge thumbs up to my fellow blogger Closet Voyage who does all her own photos.  I drove past her the other day with her tripod, remote and umbrella flash in the middle of Civic!  That girl has balls!!

Anyway, back on topic.  I’ve mentioned last year my love for Cotton On Activewear for it’s quality, fit and most of all, affordability.  Last week they brought out a whole new range of fun colours for summer including neons, glitter, florals and leopard print!!  This is very exciting for those of us sick to death of black tights.

Outfit details:
Scuba tank in fluro by Cotton On – $24.95 available in other colours here
Surf Jogger in black zig zag by Cotton On – $19.95 available here
Supa Slim headband by Lorna Jane – $9.95 available here
Wrist band by Nike – $5.99 available here
Outfit total = $60.84
FYI Shoes – Nike Free TR FIT 3 c/o Footlocker


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