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Styled by Happy Schnapper!!

I went in my first fun run last Saturday and what fun it was!  Electric Run was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! It’s hard to describe the feeling of being dressed up like Jane Fonda, covered in glow sticks, standing in the rain surrounded by equally as excited people waiting to be let out of the starters chute.  During the run there are fat beats blasting at you from all angles while rave lasers and bubble machines are making your head spin! 

People weren’t just running, they were whirling, cartwheeling, dancing and whooping and leaping.  The feeling of exuberance is something that you rarely get while stone cold sober, and never when you are running and NEVER when your being rained on.  This all culminated into a huge dance party at the finish line where participants shared their joy by jumping up and down like loonies while the MC pegged an assortment of glowing/flashing merchandise into the crowd.  I HAD THE BEST TIME!!  I actually believe I could have run another 5km without even trying, I never wanted it to end.

Inside the Starters Chute
Source: Mistique
The Starters Chute from above
source: Urban Society
Along the route
source: Mamamia
We made it!

It’s party time!!

The night was a huge success for the organisers.  This was the first Electric Run event to be held outside of the United States and it was the biggest fun run to ever be held in Australia with a massive 28,000 participants.  The Electric Run will be held again April 2014 in Melbourne and I am seriously considering doing it again!
For further details please visit their website –

Catch a video glimpse of the finish line party going absolutely mental here

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