Fashion – Curvy Illusion

I’ve sadly come to terms that I will never own Kim Kardashian’s booty.  I am built like a ruler, pretty straight up and down and no amount of squats appears to be changing that!  That’s why I love this dress so much, the clever print and hourglass panelling draw your eyes in to the waist and create the illusion of womanly curves even when your are in fact lacking in hips department.

Furthermore, I absolutely love the length and cut of this dress.  It’s a mini dress without showing the world your knickers and boobies which I think more young ladies need to take note of on a Saturday night!

Outfit Details:
Scorch Power Frock by Cooper St – several years old
Aliyah heels by Tony Bianco – available here in black
Daria Spongy Leather Clutch by Mulberry – available here

Photos courtesy of Daily Faux Pas

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