Thirty and Still Flirty

It’s my birthday today and in the spirit of gift giving, here is a gift from me to you! 
Lots of bare skin on show so only read on if the sight of my ass will not offend you!  I suggest that this probably is not appropriate to open at work!

As I mentioned in previous posts, I teamed up with Hoan Dang from HD Photography to produce this very special shoot.  I retired as a sports model many years ago however thought I’d give it one last crack as a challenge to myself and to show that at 30 I can still choose to be a bit flirty.  Prepping for this shoot I went sugar and carb free for a period of 3 weeks and I apologize for all the small children I frightened during this time… my aging body apparently can function without coffee and alcohol but spazzes out without starches.

When I look over these photos I am proud of what I have achieved and my fitness (inside and out) has never been so good.  I am stepping into my 30’s in a positive frame of mind, I’m excited by all the challenges that await from furthering my career, to honing my strength and fitness, to pushing myself creatively through sharing this blog.  At 30 I am by no means conscious of my age (except for my constant sore back!) and I’m excited to be entering into the realms of being a cougar!  Yeeeew!

Now I really must give a shout out to Hoan.  I was the first model he ever shot and he is the first photographer that I consider a close friend.  We always work together with minimal fuss and make a great 2 person team – no hair, no wardrobe, no makeup artists, just us.  I have watched his work evolve and change over the years to what it is today and am so proud whenever he tells me about his magazine editorials and Penthouse Pet photoshoots.  He really does have the dream job of any hot blooded male!  Not only does he have a knack of making me look hot in all of our shoots he has also been a wonderful mentor for my own schnapper work, from how to achieve bokeh to removing pimples in photoshop.  This shoot took us 12 hours but when you are mucking around with an old friend you don’t even notice the time.  Today also signified the first time I have tried my hand at video which was really awkward and really fun at the same time.  It’s strange that I’m perfectly comfortable with a camera lens shoved in my face however as soon as I know that it’s video and not stills I get really nervous.  Either way, HD has done so well with our little production, especially given the fact that we are both still learning in this genre, I couldn’t be happier.

I really hope you guys enjoy the pictures and videos, now time for the birthday girl to log off and eat some cake!  XOX

Bridgette Black Bra and G-String set with Coco Suspender by Honey Birdette
Costa Del Sol bikini by Playboy available at Bras n Things

Cropped hoodie by Marcs Babydoll, fitted mini shorts by Supre, Minimus Ionix w3090 sneakers by New Balance

Wearing my husbands t-shirt, Nike Air Force 1 HiTops in gold, Bonds undies, Montpellier glasses in dark smoke by Bespeced, Canon 450D (time for an upgrade soon), ceramic watch by Chanel.
For the photoshoot video click here

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