Mens Style – Tartan suit


Lately I’ve notice a jump in numbers of male followers… I’m sure this is nothing to do with the recent photoshoot I did…  Either way, welcome!  I have also been getting questions from my male friends for fashion tips.  I have to admit, I’m not well versed enough in mens fashion to articulate how they should dress or what is on trend.  Sorry fellas, I hate to let you down… 

What I am good at however is perving on a well dressed man (straight or gay, it makes no difference)!  Nothing is more eye catching than a guy that is dressed on point with just a pinch of swag. 

So for all my fashionistos, I’m starting a semi-regular photo series of sharply dressed bro’s! 
Take note – save to your Camera Roll – replicate.  Easy as that! 

First is the checkered suit.  I love the subtle tartan-like design which I find to be a much fresher take on just a plain pinstripe.  What’s cool about this print is that you can wear it as a two piece suit, split it up and just wear the pants or jacket separately and it works as a casual look.




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