Life – The Big 3-0

Next week I hit a major milestone in life – Thirty!!  I’ve been really looking forward to turning 30, I feel like I’ll now be part of classier demographic, I’m now lumped in with young professionals rather than with the doof-doof fist pumpers (though some of that may still be happening on the occasional Saturday night).

So to turn slightly philosophical , what does the number 30 really mean to me? 
Here’s a list.

1. Food – I can no longer eat what ever the hell I like… This results in muffins appearing in all sorts of weird places

2. Body pains – I kid you not there is always at least one part of my body that hurts EVERY SINGLE DAY!  This year I have visited an osteopath, a physiotherapist, an acupuncturist.  I have bought $1200 worth of ergonomic furniture… I have concluded that these pains are here to stay.

3. Glasses – I now wear them

4. Kids – No I don’t have kids – No I am not pregnant – Yes I realise my uterus is ageing – Yes I’ll come visit you soon mum…

5. Clubbing –  My feet hurt within the hour and it’ll take me at least 2 days to recover and I’d much rather go to my yoga class in the morning…

6.  Wine – something I didn’t touch 10 years ago is now being consumed daily

7.  Being irrelevant – young people sometimes don’t know what I’m talking about…
Me:  I always wanted to wear suits like Ally McBeal
Young Person:  Who’s Ally McBeal?

8.  Terminology – Certain words I cannot use – “YOLO”, “totes”, “jelly”, “mirin”, “hashtag”, “this just happened”, “OMG”, “Like a baaws“…

To celebrate my 30th I will be collaborating with my dear friend and amazing photographer Hoan Dang from HD Photography.  Though I am turning 30 I certainly don’t feel it and HD and I tried to produce something that captures fit, fun and sensual in one very racy/raunchy photoshoot to see my 20’s out with a bang!  I’ve been working hard on my fitness and diet leading up to the shoot and this is likely to be my last stint as a sports model though of course I will keep the fashion photos coming!  Too keep yourself in the loop on these posts please “like” my Facebook page for updates, although a prior warning, there will be a lot of bare flesh on show!!

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