Keeping it simple with Robert Coppa

Mr Robert Coppa… if you have anything to do with the fashion industry in Canberra then you would know this man.  He creates some of the highest editorial standard fashion, glamour, fitness photographs in Canberra, hands down.

I first met Robert when I was a part time model around 10 years ago and he was only just starting out on his photography journey.  We recently teamed up again to muck around on a test shoot and we certainly noticed our aging bodies on this most recent assignment, Robert tripping over sticks and rocks from wearing glasses for short sightedness and me aching all over from over exerting posing!  We are certainly no spring chickens but I think we still got it 😉


My favourite aspect of this shoot was the simplicity.  I did my own hair/makeup/styling and popped over to Rob’s house.  All Rob grabbed was his camera and we headed outside to find a nice back drop.  No lighting, no cast of thousands, no peeping toms, no wind machine – so simple.  With all the technology that surrounds photography these days it’s nice to see that a man and a camera can take it back to basics and still come up with shots like these…  Photos with feeling.

These last two images were taken in the studio as it was so cold outside I was getting a serious case of the sniffles and nobody likes a model with a snotty nose! 
For more information and samples of work by Robert Coppa:

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