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I’m a simple and perhaps materialistic sole (pun intended)… Shoes really do bring me immense amounts of joy.  When people are trying to buy me a gift and ask what I would like I generally reply “shoes” but people don’t buy me shoes because they think it’s a bit of a stupid gift.  Not so!  When I say shoes it’s because I collect, admire, strut, run, and caress my shoe collection!!  It’s an unhealthy obsession that plagues many women and I am certainly not immune.

These are the shoes (Nike Navigate) my buddy Big Daddy bought for my birthday, purchased and hand delivered all the way from Las Vegas and to say that I adore them would be an understatement!  He knows me too well and he has come so far since the first birthday present be bought me back in 2000 – A Hello Kitty backpack… What am I Asian?!



Today’s outfit would be ideal for festival goers – light, fun, flirty and cool.  For me however, there is no way I would where this to a festival as there is a high chance that I’d probably try punch someone in the face for stepping on my fresh kicks!

Outfit details:
Hat from Paddies Markets
Ivy Blue Aztec Drop Arm Vest by Boohoo
Sports crop by Lorna Jane
Denim cut-off shorts by Supre
Navigate sneakers by Nike



Images courtesy of Daily Faux Pas

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