Fashion – Birthday suit


Probably drew you in using misleading blog titles but this one actually refers to the outfit I wore to my birthday party so it’s not entirely a lie!  But hey, judging by my last post there could have been a high chance of nudity, haha, not today sorry!

For a fashion conscious person, finding that perfect outfit for your birthday is important, if it’s a big milestone birthday like a 30th then it’s doubly important.  For me, I was just too busy with work and uni to put much thought into what to wear until the very last second.  Thank god for ASOS and thank god for my friends who know me well enough to give me high heels for my birthday!  My saviours!
You may have also spotted that I got more than a little of my hair chopped off!  This was following a series of unfortunate hair events where I tried to go blonde and failed, frying the bottom of my hair off!  Thank goodness for my hairdresser Emma from Next Hair who saved the day by sending my hair back to balayage and cutting off the destroyed parts.  The end result is a pretty slick cut with a subtle gradient to a lighter colour.  I absolutely love it as well as the freedom and liberation shorter hair provides!
Outfit details
Open Mesh Bodycon Midi Dress* by ASOS – available here (currently on sale for only $37.80!)
Gala Heel by Zu in orange – available here – A birthday gift
*  I took cut the hem of my dress by a few cm as I thought it was too long…
 Photos courtesy of Daily Faux Pas

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